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This is the beginning...

Hello, I am Bernardo De Urquidi, a writer from México. I used to work in the film and advertisement industry in México before I got politically radicalized and decided to dedicate my life to freedom, equality, and the environment.

You can learn more about me if you Click Here.

The Cooperative E-Market is a High Impact direct action project that aims to generate alternatives to capitalists and hierarchical enterprises. I belive that we need to use teconology to make it easy for people to experience horizontal organizations and therfore make it easier for people to envision new possibilities and horizons.

Right now I am looking for either people to start “We Just CoOp” a cooperative that will develop the Cooperative E-Market and other similar projects, or for existing cooperatives or collectives that have tha capacity to develop a project like this onw.  The people that join me in this enterprise have to understand that once we develop the platform, all the major decisions that involve the future of the market will be taken by the sellers themselves. We aim to develop a seller-controlled market, not an “owner” controlled enterprise. Neither I nor the people involved in the development of this project will be the owners of the platform. However, we will get paid for our time and work.

Do you want to volunteer or join the Coop that is developing the Cooperative E-Market?

Please send me an Email, to:

Do you want to know more about the ideas and projects related to the Cooperative E-Market?

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Do you want to know more about my working experience?

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Thank you for your submission! Solidarity and Love!.

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